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November 2015

The End of Eminent

Night of the Notables. An event that strike the Grade 10’s with fear and the Grade 9’s with anxiety. However, despite everyone’s worries, in the end the event always turns into a night to remember. For me, something that will… Continue Reading →

The Bibliographies about the Life of Stan Lee

An Interview with Stan Lee – This article I found was particularly useful in the writing of my Eminent as it had Stan Lee’s opinion in it and involved what Stan Lee though were his biggest struggles. This article is really… Continue Reading →

Interviewing Webtoon Artists

For my Interview, I was planning to interview Stan Lee as who else better to give me information on Stan Lee, than Stan Lee himself?! Unfortunately that interview did not happen. No matter how hard I search the web looking… Continue Reading →

My Eminent Speech Draft

Speeches and Public Speaking. Two of my biggest fears, and of course it’s required in the curriculum. Normally I loathe writing speeches and am terrified of public speaking, however, surprisingly enough this year’s speech wasn’t as bad as I thought. At first,… Continue Reading →

Highlighting the Work of a Peer

Someone’s work that I believe deserves recognition is Madison. I believe that Madison put a LOT of thought and effort into her Learning Center as she had a lot of components that were fascinating and interactive. For example, her trifold…. Continue Reading →

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