Night of the Notables. Those words alone are enough to strike fear in every TALONS students heart and I’m not going to lie, I learning-centerwas pretty terrified during the days and even seconds before Night of the Notables. I was so stressed for my performance onstage, religiously going over my script and frantically trying to memorize.  But as soon as I stepped on stage, all the fear seemed to melt away.

Now that I look back, that was one of the best experiences in my life. The feeling of satisfaction and relief that came over me was an incredible feeling. Being up there on that stage and being able to pull of my speech with out a single hitch was amazing. Being able to show my persons eminence and channel them through myself was something I had never done before but was extremely memorable.

The part I struggled with the most preparing for eminent was definitely my speech. There was so much I wanted to convey and show through my speech and cutting that down to fit into 11/2 minutes was extremely hard. My goal for my speech was to convey15139489_364638590547411_123536793_n my person’s personality through the delivery of my speech, something I always struggle with, and I am happy to say I met my goal.

One downside of focusing on my s15135638_364638483880755_1400271783_npeech so much was that my Learning center suffered. My idea was to create a huge light up box (the idea was from Amber Liu’s music video Borders) and get people to write down stereotypes and misconceptions that limited you and what you did to break through them. Unfortunately I was unable to take any pictures of my learning center as many people came up to talk with and there never really was time to take a picture even during clean up.

Overall, I think the night went really well. Everyone did amazing and no matter whether they were Grade 9 or 10 everyone was extremely supportive and encouraging. Good luck to all the Grade 10’s next year, I know you’ll do great!