It seems like just yesterday I was stressing out over Eminent and now In-Depth is taking it’s place (a little too soon I think…). To be honest, last year’s In-Depth wasn’t as successful as I would have liked it to be ) partially due to my bad habit of procrastination and the subject of choice (how passionate I was about it). However, I am already excited thinking of this years In-Depth Project.

This year I will be learning how to execute Kpop dance choreography with Mimi and Franny. As I learnt from last years In-Depth, I have decided to focus more on picking something I find fun and enjoyable yet challenging rather than something easy but stressful and not as enjoyable. This project already has the potential to become more successful than my In-Depth project last year as this is something I am more passionate about and more interested in.

This idea originally originated from a conversation I held with Mimi where we joked about doing Kpop dance covers as our In-Depth project. We were both pretty invested in the idea however, Mimi abandoned the idea (and me) to do making noodles. Therefore, while discussing In-Depth project ideas with Franny, I brought up the idea of doing Kpop dance covers (as Franny has expressed interest in the area) and our In-Depth project was born (Mimi joined us later as she heard that Franny was joining me in this project)!

Throughout the course of the project, there are many goals and plans I have. The main goal I have is to be able to learn dances through the help of dance videos and tutorials as well as people. This will be a challenge as I will have to learn a lot of the dances independently as my schedule as well as Mimi and Franny’s schedule are quite full and considering that I have had no previous dance training, learning the movements will be a struggle.

For the time where I do need guidance, I will be able to go to my mentor for help. Yes, surprisingly Mimi, Franny and I have secured a mentor already. Our mentor, Sunny Ko (the elder sister of Sydney Ko) has agreed to help us with our project in terms of positioning and perfecting/explaining the dance moves. As Sunny Ko will be helping us with learning the dances, we will not need to meet her as often as the typical projects would need to (as a lot of our time will be spent editing videos and practicing the dance moves).

Kaleigh will also be helping us with our project. Although she has not had much experience in the Kpop Hip-Hop genre, Kaleigh’s experience (from classical dance) will be useful in teaching us stretches (in order to prevent injuries) and teaching us dance foundations (the basic moves, learning effective ways to practice). ¬†We will also be looking into attending drop-in classes for hip hop, and Kpop dance classes at various dance studios to help us be able to achieve mastery in this project (which will be an essential part of our final product, a live performance).

I am very excited about where In-Depth will be taking me this year as I can see a higher possibility for success and am more passionate about this project. As I am collaborating with Mimi and Franny, this will make the project more enjoyable and fun. This year, I will strive to make this In-Depth project and extremely satisfying and memorable project. I am excited to see where everyone takes their projects and wish them all good luck.