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February 2017

What was the impact of the French becoming enemies with the Iroquois?

This was an article which I found particularly interesting and helpful with answering this question as it provided some background info on the Iroquois people.  The article is a tough read with lots of dates and text, however, this information… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Post #3

In the past 3 weeks since my last In-Depth post, I have been slowly perfecting the moves of Adore U and have started to learn a new dance. Since my last post (where I hadn’t met my mentor, Sunny yet),… Continue Reading →

Cultural Transmission

Throughout Socials 10 so far we have been looking at Canada’s history. Specifically, Canada’s history of First Nations and Aboriginal people in Canada. We have read the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and have discussed a lot of questions so far around cultural… Continue Reading →

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