October 1843

I have exciting news. I have started my own newspaper, The Globe, and it has slowly becoming more and more popular. I believe that it has the potential to one day become the leading newspaper in the Province of Canada. I am ecstatic that people enjoy reading my editorials that explore issues that I strongly believe need to be heard by the people such as the separation of church and state and representation by population in elections.I believe everyone has the right to read and hear about these issues. However, an issue I am particularly concerned about is the fact  that the French-Canadians, and the Roman Catholic Church, hold a disproportionate amount of political control in the Province of Canada at the moment. I believe that everyone has the right to have their opinion heard and considered’weighed and I want people to know and acknowledge that.

Running this newspaper is a way of getting my opinion out there and heard. I have gotten an offer of joining the Liberal Party and letting them use my newspaper to help the Reform Movement and am thinking of accepting the offer. I believe that if I participate in this political game I will be able to change the Province of Canada for good. I am thinking of joining the Liberals as I believe in their cause.

~ George Brown