In-Depth has been slowly progressing for me. During the time since my last In-Depth Post, I have contacted and talked to my mentor once. Unfortunately, Sunny and I were unable to meet in person this week due to other commitments and work that popped up. However, we were able to discuss my next step for my personal In-Depth dance as well as some options for my collaboration with Franny and Mimi.

Regarding the dance we had put up, Sunny had watched the video, and provided us with feedback for what we needed to work on. Many of the things she pointed out, such as we needed to work on the formation we were in as well as completely synching our moves were problems we had identified ourselves as well.

Some of the concepts I discussed with Sunny during our meeting included the concept of fluidity and emphasis on certain moves. This concept entailed the idea of making your moves fluid however when wanting to emphasize a move or a key point you pause for a short period of time (just long enough that the viewers eyes are drawn to you). Another concept we discussed was body lines. In dance, an important part of making a dance appealing to the viewer is making your body shape, or lines, look attractive when doing the move. Sunny explained these concepts to me as well as some tips and strategies for practicing these concepts.

Sunny also offered some alternative dances for the collaboration dance that Franny, Mimi, and I will be tackling. As we don’t have a lot of time and are still practicing our solo dances, we have been discussing what difficulty we want to take on. We wanted to take on a challenging dance however were unsure whether or not we could pull it off in the time frame we had. An alternative Sunny suggested was to not learn the whole song and just learn a 1-2 minute snippet of the choreography.

So far, my In-Depth has been progressing quite nicely however I am worried about my solo performance. The dance I have chosen is quite challenging and the choreography was choreographed with the idea that someone with a previous history in dance would learn it. Because of this, I am not progressing as fast as I would like in this area.

In conclusion, my In-Depth has been going quite smoothly in terms of my collaboration dances however I have been having some challenges with my solo dance. I will continue to practice and give it my all and am excited to see where In-Depth will take me!