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Eminent 2016

Document of Learning

Here is the first draft of my Eminent Speech. Hey what’s up Embers! How are you doing tonight? *cheers* Before we continue with the next song “Borders”, there’s something that I want to talk to you about. Now I’m going… Continue Reading →

Eminent Interview – Alicia Ellis

For my interview, I have decided to interview my friend Alicia Ellis to get a more in depth look at the LGBTQ+ community in Coquitlam as my eminent person has often advocated for them. Below are some of the questions… Continue Reading →

Amber Liu

The person I have chosen for Eminent is a person in a field of entertainment. Her name is Amber Liu and she is an idol from the girl group called f(x) based in South Korea. The reason I selected Amber… Continue Reading →

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